Thursday, February 04, 2010

Can't Wait Forever

Well it turns out I cannot wait forever for this new blog design, and so I must start blogging again without it.

Let's get everyone up to speed shall we?

I've moved up to Marquette, MI to pursue my graduate degree. I now have the pleasure of being a broke college student again. My current situation, coupled with my unhealthy attachment to freshly scooped ice cream, Crazy Bread, chicken Caesar wraps, those little pizzas from Subway, and the "number four" at Jimmy Johns, creates a need for me to obtain a part time job.

I've applied at JC Penny, an eye care place, the YMCA, the rec place on campus, Radio Shack, and a variety of other random jobs. This past Tuesday I scored an interview at CARQUEST. Boo ya! Let me just say that this interview was more in-depth than the interview I did to become the athletic trainer at the last hospital I worked at. I also think it's going to be harder for me to get this job, than it was the last a health care professional.

At CARQUEST I would be a team delivery, which would involve delivering car parts to local auto-mechanics. My last job I worked with people recovering from serious heart attacks and surgeries, and provided emergency care for high school athletes.

Does it concern me at all that CARQUEST takes employee hiring more seriously than a hospital?

Yes. Yes it does.

Thumbs up to CARQUEST for being responsible employers. Thumbs down to the hospital for hiring me sight unseen (but also, thanks!).

Also, if CARQUEST is reading this blog post, please hire me. I want to wear that cool polo.