Monday, February 26, 2007

Group Projects Part 2

It's that time of year again! Group project time! Do we remember how much I love Group Projects? Love them. I love them with a passion likened only to the wonderful sensation of sandpaper rubbing against my skin. I'm glad to see that no matter what class I'm in, nothing changes. It's good to have consistency. It's something I can depend on. I can depend that if there are incompetent, unmotivated people in my class I will most definitely be grouped up with them to complete a lengthy project. Fantastic. My current group might just top the charts.

Email sent out...
Hey guys-
We need to do that 470 project. For those of you who can make it, we're going to meet at the library at 9pm. We'll meet up at the circulation desk and go from there.

That's pretty clear right? Nothing too confusing? I enter the library at 8:55pm through the basement which is actually just a lounge area with a food court/Starbucks where people can socialize and eat. As I'm cutting through this area to head upstairs to the actual library part and the circulation desk I see two members of my group sitting at a table eating nachos. I figured they were just finishing up dinner before our meeting so I head over to say hello, and insanity ensues...

Me: "Hi guys."
Idiot #1: "Oh good, you're here!"
Me: "Uh...yeah."
Idiot #2: "We didn't know what the circum...whatever was."
Idiot #1: "Yeah, so we decided to just meet down here and hope you found us."
Me: "The circulation desk?"
Idiot #2: "Yeah! That's it!"
Me: Are you kidding me?! "Well, that's the desk you check your books out at."
Idiot #1 (3rd year in least): "I've never done that."
Me: Remain calm. Don't hit him. Breathe. Why would I even look for you down here, this isn't even the actual library?! "Well this table isn't going to work."
Idiots: "Wha...?"
Me: Smaller words, talk slower. ""
Idiot #1: Well I didn't see anything else.
Me: *Looks across the room and sees 5 different tables that would work* SERIOUSLY? "Well let me take a look and see what I can find." IDIOTS! *Returns five seconds later* "Ok, my backpack is on that one over there, go ahead and head over. I'm going to go get the others...the one's who actually know what a circulation desk is."
Idiots: *While staring directly at the table with my backpack...the only open table with a giant backpack sitting on it* "Which one?"
Me: Just walk away. No, murdering someone with a plastic knife is not a good idea.


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Friday, February 23, 2007

Sleep or lack there of

I woke up at 4am this morning. It is now 2am the next morning. I haven't even taken a nap. That's 22 hrs of being awake folks. 22 hrs of being awake, and not one thing to blog about. Hmmm. I should go to bed.

Should I mention the all nighter I pulled the night before?

It's almost the weekend!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Uggs = Pandemic

Ok so I know I keep mentioning Ugg boots, but I can't help it. People bring this stuff to me. I would be able to ignore the epidemic or perhaps by now it's more of a pandemic, but no. It's like I've got Uggs spies. I get phone calls, emails, and even pictures. And darn it...I love it. I love hearing your Ugg boot sightings. Uggs are being spotted across the country. I knew they ran ramped up here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, but I had no idea they had overtaken my homeland of Illinois and now even Colorado. Here are two of the most recent updates I have received:
1) Uggs on Ice (Champaign/Urbana, IL)
Kate phoned me two weeks ago to report a most amusing scenario. As she strolled the icy campus of U of I, she found herself walking behind what I can only define as an Ugg Hoard.
[Ugg Hoard (noun): A group of two or more individuals wearing Ugg boots, who only allow other Ugg boot wearing individuals to be walking within 10 feet of them. These individuals have not fully embraced their Uggs enough to be comfortable wearing them all on their own, so they recruit other Ugg boot wearing individuals to surround them. Safety in numbers.]
For some reason they were sliding all over the place in their Uggs...I can't imagine why that would be. In frustration one of the girls finally exclaimed, "STUPID UGGS! This is what they were supposed to be made for!" Really? Is that the purpose of Uggs? Ice walking? I guess it make sense considering their excellent treads. And all of this time I thought it was just because they looked amazing on people. Especially when someone tucks khakis into them. That's hot.
2) Uggs Crossing Gender Lines (Denver, CO)
My sister and and her husband Tom are currently in Colorado. It seems the entire population has embraced Ugg boots, MEN and women alike. And why not? We already know they are excellent for icy conditions, why not apply that ingenious engineering to a mountainous terrain?

And I knew it was only a matter of time before men fell victim to this fashion craze. Everything about the Ugg screams masculinity. Deep down inside I think men the world over have just been waiting for the perfect shoe they could tuck their jeans into. The cowboy boot certainly doesn't allow for such a thing, nor does the steel toe boot or sneaker. Finally with Uggs those pesky jeans can be properly confined so scorpions and other such hazardous creatures can't crawl up one's pant leg.

Ugg boots appear to be the solution to so many of life's problems. Maybe I should jump on the band wagon...