Monday, February 26, 2007

Group Projects Part 2

It's that time of year again! Group project time! Do we remember how much I love Group Projects? Love them. I love them with a passion likened only to the wonderful sensation of sandpaper rubbing against my skin. I'm glad to see that no matter what class I'm in, nothing changes. It's good to have consistency. It's something I can depend on. I can depend that if there are incompetent, unmotivated people in my class I will most definitely be grouped up with them to complete a lengthy project. Fantastic. My current group might just top the charts.

Email sent out...
Hey guys-
We need to do that 470 project. For those of you who can make it, we're going to meet at the library at 9pm. We'll meet up at the circulation desk and go from there.

That's pretty clear right? Nothing too confusing? I enter the library at 8:55pm through the basement which is actually just a lounge area with a food court/Starbucks where people can socialize and eat. As I'm cutting through this area to head upstairs to the actual library part and the circulation desk I see two members of my group sitting at a table eating nachos. I figured they were just finishing up dinner before our meeting so I head over to say hello, and insanity ensues...

Me: "Hi guys."
Idiot #1: "Oh good, you're here!"
Me: "Uh...yeah."
Idiot #2: "We didn't know what the circum...whatever was."
Idiot #1: "Yeah, so we decided to just meet down here and hope you found us."
Me: "The circulation desk?"
Idiot #2: "Yeah! That's it!"
Me: Are you kidding me?! "Well, that's the desk you check your books out at."
Idiot #1 (3rd year in least): "I've never done that."
Me: Remain calm. Don't hit him. Breathe. Why would I even look for you down here, this isn't even the actual library?! "Well this table isn't going to work."
Idiots: "Wha...?"
Me: Smaller words, talk slower. ""
Idiot #1: Well I didn't see anything else.
Me: *Looks across the room and sees 5 different tables that would work* SERIOUSLY? "Well let me take a look and see what I can find." IDIOTS! *Returns five seconds later* "Ok, my backpack is on that one over there, go ahead and head over. I'm going to go get the others...the one's who actually know what a circulation desk is."
Idiots: *While staring directly at the table with my backpack...the only open table with a giant backpack sitting on it* "Which one?"
Me: Just walk away. No, murdering someone with a plastic knife is not a good idea.


Megan said...

You should probably tell them about your blog so they can read it... seriously how do you get stuck with such dumb people everytime?!

Rachael said...

i pity you...but i pity myself at the same time. (that's allowed.) my engineering group is comprised of slackers. the assignment was to make a "code of cooperation". someone suggested, "no making obscene gestures in front of the camera in the room." someone else had the idea of "no making out with other team members at team meetings." (followed by severe awkwardness because of course i was outnumbered) yes, i can relate to your situation only too well. what's even worse is that this engineering class is focused around the design project. this means, basically everything i do for the class is with my team. (...for my team) Bridget, i think we need to learn to slack better.

Bridget said...

I heartily agree.

slskenyon said...

Oh, that's great. Nice to have a repeat performance of your previous experience in such a way as to defeat any faith you may still have in "higher" education and humanity as a whole. I was in a group project once with eleven people. Ten idiots and me. In order to pass, I had to memorize the Gettysburg Address and then deliver it to the entire grade.

Kristin said...

Interesting to know.

Anonymous said...

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