Friday, January 04, 2008

Documented Strangeness

I got a digital camera for Christmas! Which will naturally lead to pointless blogging, like this one...


Exhibit A
Name: Carl St. Jude AKA Creature (yes his middle name is St. Jude)
Species: Pug AKA Rancor
Activities: Sleeping, eating, itching, creating foul smells
Documented strangeness: It has snowed here quite a bit in the last few days. The snow is high enough that Carl cannot walk through the backyard, as a real dog with long legs would be able to do. Instead, my father has had to shovel walkways for him. I find this strange.

Exhibit B
Name: Moses AKA Demon Kitty
Species: Cat AKA Evil
Activities: Sleeping, eating, tripping, biting, invading privacy, box dwelling
Documented strangeness: Moses enjoys spending time in empty boxes, which is actually very counter productive to my attempt to pack. Once inside a box, he finds it necessary to eat his way through the cardboard to escape, rather than just hop back out through the open flaps. I find this strange.


OgRe said...

For Carl you forgot to add in its profile: "Extreme affection for the carpet."

Anonymous said...

I love those pictures. Very funny. I like the picture of Moses trying to eat his way out of the box.

You forgot to mention how Carl likes to dance on his head. Another one of his many talents.