Saturday, June 30, 2007

Holy Cats

Hello. Yes, I'm still alive...barely. I started MWU's Physician Assistant graduate program 3 weeks ago, hence no blog entries in a month.

I am in over my head.

I could just whine about it, but instead I'll show you an example of one of my school days, and you can imagine me whining about it.

6:00am Alarm goes off.

6:50am Get in truck

7:00am Run into construction

7:15am Run into some more construction

7:25am Stop and wait for reaaaallly long train to pass

7:40am Sit in traffic that does not move for no reason at all

8:05am Arrive at Midwestern University

8:10am Sit through a 2 hour Biopsychosocial Issues lecture

10:10am Sit through a 2 hours Clinical Medicine lecture

12:00pm Lunch (aka reviewing anatomy notes)

1:10pm Anatomy Lecture

2:10pm Anatomy Lab with cadavers (3 hrs)

5:00pm Library study time for two hours to avoid rush hour traffic

7:00pm Head home

8:00pm Arrive at home, tired, crabby and hungry.

9:00pm Start studying

12:00am Go to bed

So this is a typical day. The classes vary between those mentioned above and then two different biochems and a professional seminar. Sometimes I get to go home earlier than that, sometimes I get to arrive a little later. Regardless, I'm pretty sure they're trying to kill me. However, I have made it through 3 weeks already, and that means there's only 8 more to go until I get one week off. After that week off I get to start a whole new set of classes, with the added bonus of having eight classes instead of the six I can barely handle now.

So to answer all of your questions along the lines of, "How's grad school going?!"...

"Please send chocolate and pray for me."

I miss you all. I miss my life. When I get time to write a new blog entry (probably in 2 years) I'll try to make it more uplifting.

Also, I still have not seen or heard one ice cream truck. It is now almost July. Is anyone else concerned?


twofortango said...

Dear Bridgets Grad School,

Please give us our friend back! We miss her!

Concerned Citizen

Poppy Buxom said...

Cadavers? Cadavers??? What kind of physician are you planning to assist? Dr. Frankenstein?

wendling said...

miss bridget

i miss you teribly too. i think you should form a union and make them give you a mid semester break. i need your addy once more and maybe some chocolate (or puppy chow) will be sent to you:)

slskenyon said...

I wouldn't mind a grad school experience that allows you access to recently dead people. The population I chose to study was about 800 years out of the loop, and overseas as well. And they didn't write anything in English.

That's a good point about ice cream trucks. Conspiracy theories?

Solution to summer woes: Pudding pops. You CANNOT beat a good chocolate pudding pop. You've convinced me; I'm going to go have one right now.

Chris Johnson said...

You sound busy.

slskenyon said...

Update: Chocolate pudding pop successfully consumed. Another box recently purchased.