Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Jamba Juice

12:30pm: Darn it, I'm hungry. Ooooo. This granola bar looks swell. This should hold me over until dinner.
*Granola Bar consumed*
12:31pm: That was really good. So satisfying.
12: 39pm: Holy Cats! I'm starving. Stupid granola bar!
12:41pm: I should eat something. Yes KFC, let's eat KFC.
12:42pm: No! I feel like that is counter productive to the run we did this morning. Oh come on! We'll get that twister thing. There's lettuce in that, how can it not be good for you?
12:43pm: It costs money! We have no income. Income? Psh. Take some money from Johnny. No! That's not nice.
12:44pm: I need something free. I should just make a sandwich. Noooooooo! Such effort! Don't do it! How is that going to be satisfying?! Shhhhh Inner Bridget, I have no money. A sandwich will be just fine. Doubt it.
12: 45pm: WAIT! I'VE GOT IT! Jamba Juice! Oh my gosh! I'm right! I have a coupon for a free smoothie!
12:47pm: *Jump into truck, drive to Jamba Juice.*
12:55pm: *Arrive at Jamba Juice. Open purse to dig out coupon.*
12:56pm: *Dig through purse for 5th time...still no coupon.*
12:57pm: Where is my coupon! What the heck?! It was just in here a few days ago. When was the last time you saw it? When we pulled it out to use it with Ryne but Jamba Juice was closed...wait a minute. Ryne stole it! He stole our coupon! Ryne wouldn't steal it, don't be silly. Oh yes he would! Greedy! He took it alright! He's a dead man!
12:58pm: *Contemplating*
12:59pm: Do you really think he took it? Well it didn't get up and walk out of here now did it? He is a dead man! Hell hath no fury like a woman robbed of her free smoothie!
1:00pm: What now? What do you mean what now? Get in there! Go buy us a smoothie, I'm starving! But now I have to pay for it. Come on, I know you're hungry. Fine! But just this once.
1:05pm: *Exit Jamba Juice, smoothie in hand.*
1:15pm: *Smoothie consumed to completion.*
1:19pm: I'm starving!

11:30pm: *Searching jean pockets*
11:31pm: What's this? My Jamba Juice coupon! Hurrah! Fantastic! I can't believe you blamed Ryne.


twofortango said...

Sometimes I forget that I have eaten something....so I eat it again. You know, just have to make sure it was consumed. Bridget this is why we have the "Spring Shopping" problem. Hahahahaha!

Bridget said...

HAHAHAHA! True, true my friend.

Anonymous said...

Where is my Jamba Juice and why did you not bring me back some.

Anonymous said...

by the way that last comment was from your pregnant sister just incase you were wondering :)

Bridget said...

Aimee, I knew exactly who it was from.

Katharine said...

I have to admit that I am not a fan of the new name. The whole point of Idiot Eradication is that the idiots wouldn't understand the title in the first place. You're being too nice. I miss the old Bridget.

Ryne said...

First...Thanks for asking if I wanted Jamba Juice... Second... for the record, now i WOULD steal that coupon!

Bridget said...

too bad, i already used it!

slskenyon said...

Sounds like my day at work. I arrive determined not to eat anything huge given I am literally sitting at the computer all day, then, I break down and eat some yoghurt, and finally, I am off to the local sandwich shop in a moment of realized temptation.