Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Where Have I Been?

Oh my gosh, where have I been? Why have I not been blogging? Seriously, not one post in the whole month of April, that's ridiculous!

It's not my fault, really it isn't. You can blame the following:

1) 3 months of procrastination which led to one intense month of April (how is that my fault?!)
2) Kenric (yeah that's right, I said it)
3) Graduating/Saying Goodbye (teh sad)
4) Nice weather

Now that I've completely pawned off all the blame, let's get down to business. So I've graduated from Northern Michigan University with a Bachelors of Science in Athletic Training. Yay. Time to relax...not. I start grad school in June at Midwestern University. I'll be there for two years studying to be a Physician Assistant. Blah blah blah...enough of this.

New topic. So saying goodbye to people was a lot harder than I imagined it would be. The result was an over emotional Bridget who cried at the drop of a hat and rocked back and forth till the early hours of the morning. I'm not so good with the whole change thing. I met a lot of amazing people over the past four years and I wish I could take them all with me wherever I go. This is not the case. I can, however, take with me the lessons I learned from them all. A large part of learning is sharing your knowledge with the next person, so here I go...

1) No situation is ever hopeless.
2) Trusting people is the only way you'll ever get anywhere in life.
3) The most courageous person you'll ever meet may just be a triple jumper who only stands 5 feet 3 inches tall (correction 5'1").
4) The world doesn't end when someone else sees you cry.
5) Good friends are hard to find, but hard and impossible have never been the same thing.
6) You're never too old for Lego's and coloring books...or sand toys.
7) Sometimes you just need to hug it out.
8) No one ever has it all figured out.
9) When you dream, dream big.
10) In life you're going to say things you wish you hadn't, but remember God knew you were going to say them hundreds of years before they ever rolled off your tongue. Just go with it.
11) The wisest people you'll ever meet are usually younger than you. Probably because they've been learning from your mistakes.
12) You can search all you want for the remote, but there are some things in life that you just can't rewind.
13) Being sure of your future is impossible, being sure of yourself is imperative. Love yourself.
14) The people you love the most are the people who can hurt you the most. Love them anyways. Love to the point of sacrifice.
15) Sometimes you receive gifts from God that you don't think you deserve. He doesn't accept returns, just say thanks.
16) Life is not easy. If it's easy, then we're probably not living it right. We all have crosses to bear, but there is glory in the cross.
17) If you can't see yourself through God's eyes, find someone who can. Ask them what they see...and believe them.
18) The times in your life where you feel most alone are the times when God is closest, reach out and latch on.
19) The only situations that are impossible to get through are the ones we try to get through alone.
20) Every person deserves a chance...or 7 times 77 chances.
21) Never be afraid to try new things...even if you do end up spitting them out later.
22) Getting lost is an adventure worth taking every now and again.
23) Time is never wasted, when it's spent with people you care about.
24) It's not about the pizza and the treats. It's never been about that. It's about the people.
25) Surround yourself with people who will never give up on you.
26) A ledger pad is useless without the paper that fills it and the individuals who write in their lasting impact.
27) When someone comes to you for help, it's not a mistake.
28) The only things we need to strive for in life are faith, hope, and love. The end.
29) Don't ever write yourself off, you never know when a blond-haired, blue-eyed boy is going to walk into your life and prove you wrong.
30) If you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.

As I drove out of Marquette this past Sunday I remember looking out my rear view mirror thinking, "objects in mirror are closer than they appear." I don't think 400 miles will ever change that. I love you guys!


Jess aka STP said...

I love you Bridget sooo much!! I miss you!

jess the other one:) said...

bridget!!! i love you too, and i will miss you too! marquette will be lonely, who will introduce me to jilberts, and be just as surprized as i am when someone doesn't know where frosty treats is, and who am i going to make puppy chow for next year? thank you for making this year so special!! oh and thank you for giving me an extra 2 inches:D have fun!! oh and toby says thanks for giving him a ride so many times:D

STP said...

sooo i can't let her write more than me...but i too will not have someone to show me where jilberts is at and what its all about...and jess u can make puppy chow for me...and I am 5'3''

the other one said...

oh i will make some for you:D maybe i will grow this summer and i can be jsut as tall as you:)

Bridget said...

Wendling, I fixed your height. I guess it's just that you seem like such a giant to me sometimes ;)
STP-I will be back to show you Jilberts! No one should go without that.

Ogre said...

BRIDGET=Whore....that was awesome!


Cat said...

Awesome Bridget... I'm just a little disappointed that your first blog back wasn't all about me.

Rob said...

we all know its should never be all about Cat it should be all about me!

Thank you for the wonderful blog, you are a very wise young woman. You have obviously learned much from my mistakes!

Kaitlyn said...

So, this the first time my internet is working in the past 3 days and what do I do first? I read your blog - I love you too Bridget! Keep writing; it's your gift to share. I miss you so much and I can't wait until I get to see you again! Lots of Hugs!

slskenyon said...

I am glad to hear that first, you successfully graduated and second, that so much came from that overall experience. I wish I had learned so much from my own, and perhaps I will be reminded of such when I return this year for my...gulp...five year reunion (which I am sure will be colored by lots of people I never wanted to see again and the reminder of what "that guy" used to do that stuck him out from the crowd in a none-too-complimentary way). Grad school, for those who have recenly gotten out of college, is far less of a challenge than it is for those of us who worked before choosing to go. This summer will probably seem as odd as any transition as such generally is, but two years from now, you'll be ready to get out there....on a higher-than-poverty-line wage level (so much for the pilgrim lifestyle).

nissa said...

and to think, all this time i thought you were only coming to visit the peif b/c we had pizza, ice cream, frosted brownies, cake from gopher's....but it's true, you really do like me - and i guess chris was pretty cool to. good luck at midwestern, and don't be surprised if i call you for organic chem. help this fall, it's been a while since i did ANY sort of chemistry.

Bridget said...

Feel free to call Nissa, although I barely passed that class myself.

Cat said... this was your "COME BACK BLOG".. did you go away again.....come on ....give us a new one!!!

Angela said...

That was an awesome blog! I haven't been reading or writing because everyone stopped. HOld the phone! THat sounds like another one of my cheap excuses! Right! So I am going to go and write a blog. Well I will at least put it on my list of things to do. I hope you are enjoying your time off from classes b/f all hell breaks loose again on you! We miss you Bridget. Oh, I am going to have my first Jilberts this week!