Monday, August 13, 2007

Keep Reading

I'm overtired and over dramatic...perfect time for blogging.

Yes Mom, I should be studying.

Yesterday I saw the movie Becoming Jane. I was a little weary to see it because Jane Austen is my favorite author and I doubted Anne Hathaway could do her justice. Not that I don't like Anne, but I just don't see her as Jane. The movie wasn't half bad. It portrayed my heroine much like I would. I've always been able to relate to Jane Austen. There's something so enticing about being able to write in your own happy endings when you feel so far from them yourself.

I have a strong sense that even if I could write my own ending, I'd mess it up. There's no way I could get it quite as good as what God has in mind. Normally I'm so opposed to flipping to the end of a book just to see how it ends. I mean if you read the end first, what's the point of experiencing the rest of it? But right now, I feel differently. Right now I'd just like to read the last page and see how it ends up. Maybe then I could calm down and relax. I could stop worrying about everything I can't control.

I mean of course it would be easier to trust someone if you knew they were going to come through for you, but I guess it wouldn't really be trust then would it?

So I guess I'll just keep reading.

I don't think this entry makes sense to anyone but me. I think I'll post it anyways. I'm glad we had this conversation.


Anonymous said...

Oh Bridget... I understand that more than you know. I feel EXACTLY the same way. I have been spending a lot of time praying with the story of the Israelites. How they trusted.. and how God was faithful. I don't know if God's faithfulness will be in line with our expectations - but we know from our history that God trusts us - and doesn't get in our way of our wills. So, I guess we need to do the same. It's so much easier said than done. I'm praying for you.

Rob said...

Funny that what you think doesn't make sense to anybody probably resonates with everybody. Don't we all wish we knew how it ended? I know I do.

Keep it up, one step at a time.

Rob said...

oh yeah, what's with the new title? Idiot Eradication was just so Bridget. Monkey Peas is nice, but its just not the same!

twofortango said...

I feel the same way!
I want just a sneak peak....but what fun would the journey be if we sprinted to the end?

wendling said...

it does make sense and i feel the same, one more thing.... I MISS YOU!

OgRe said...

Yeah, that flew way over my head. >)

slskenyon said...

Hmmmmm.....I think there is something to be said for the "imperfect" ending. It forces us to find meaning in less clear-cut ways.

Glad to hear the movie is decent--I never have high hopes for any films that involve Jane Austin or feature her novels.

Time for a Klondike Bar. Yes, still the season for frozen desserts.