Tuesday, March 04, 2008



I haven't posted in a ridiculously long time.

I am sorry.

Update time!

I've moved from Manistique, MI to Escanaba, MI so now I only have to drive 5 minutes to get to work! UPGRADE!

I live alone. Downgrade! (I miss you Auna)

I had my first house guest this weekend! Thanks Rachael! UPGRADE!

I have no internet...again. (Since the last post I had finally obtained internet in Manistique, but now that I've moved again...no internet) Downgrade.

I'm a celebrity in Escanaba. These jokers put me on their local channel and asked me a bunch of
questions about athletic injuries. Bridget in front of live t.v. camera = blank stare/awkward as all get out. Major downgrade.

Random comments:

I'm sitting in the Escanaba library right now and there's a potted tree next to me wrapped with Christmas lights. It is March. Sitting in the tree is a fake bird, and if I'm not mistaken it is made up predominately of toilet paper. Why?

I have never met they guy who lives downstairs, but as of my first day of living there I began to refer to him as The Yahoo due to his poor parking decisions. I'm not a nice person.

Last week I excitedly pulled my Jade Garden leftovers out of the fridge and arranged them on a plate. I turned to put it in the microwave only to realize I don't have a microwave. IDIOT.

There's an ice shanty attached to my front door. It's bright green. (yes an ice shanty, as in a shed one fishes in).

My ice shanty prevented me from moving my couch in. I had to shove it through the kitchen window. I live on the second floor. Figure that one out.

I have snowshoe buddies at work. YAY!

Well my lap top is about to run out of batteries.


Anonymous said...

Thank God!!!
I have been waiting for another post.

I was not dissapointed either...it was very Bridget and made me smile and miss my sister. I love you Bridget.

Don't leave us hanging for so long.

An Ice Shanty....seriously

Ryne said...

I am at work (obviously working hard... or hardly working)and I was very excited to see that you had posted another blog. Is there a date set for internet installation? This is key.

Anonymous said...

A celebrity in the family!!!! Small towns love their professional people and putting them on TV. As long as you didn't gaze thoughtlessly (as in, not a thought in your head) for the entire segment, I assume that the Escanbians will be seeing alot more of you on their local channels.

The ice shanty, can you store your beer in there, eh?

Send new address to Aunt Lori. :)

Jess said...

YEA!!!! A NEW POST! i think the ice shnty adds class.... you have snowshoeing buddies in mqt (aka me:P) come visit, Bo has not met you yet, and she is trying to wait, but she just wantd to meet the famous Bridget

pilgrimchick said...

I'm glad to hear your living by yourself is a "downgrade" given the quality of your previous roommate. For me, it is indeed an upgrade given the list includes: a chick who smokes pot all the time, steals my stuff and never cleans up after herself, an ex-boyfriend who was entirely self-absorbed (whose ex-boyfriend isn't?) and my siblings.