Monday, November 20, 2006

Warning: May Cause Craziness

When I signed up to take Organic Chemistry I was told it would be hard. I was told I might not pass. I was told I would hate it. All of these things I expected. However, no one ever told me it would make me crazy...ok fine...more crazy.

Let me paint a picture for you.

It's a cold November morning. You find yourself in a room full of six of your closest friends. Their attitude is light and fun. They are busily at work putting up Christmas decorations and humming along to Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree. Where are you? In the corner, leaning over a text book, and rocking back and forth muttering to yourself. You are there for three hours and the only person you have a conversation with is yourself, and it's not at all uplifting.

The only thing keeping me from a padded room and a straight jacket at this point is my lack of access to sharp objects.

Please let me pass.


Anonymous said...

yeah, I wasn't sure who that person was in the corner of the room today. You forgot you were sucking your thumb in addition to rocking back and forth. Oh, and drooling...I saw that!

Kenric said...

im sorry to hear it didn't go well.

Anonymous said...

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