Tuesday, March 23, 2010

As the Competence in the World Declines...Part 2

In light of recent events I have an addition to one of my last posts.

Yesterday Obama's health care bill was passed despite the fact half of the population opposed it. Not a single republican congressmen voted for it. The 'pro-life' democrats voted for it because Obama made an executive order banning federal fund of abortions...which is useless and can easily be overturned. Our country's financial situation is in the crapper, and the bill will be costly. American citizens who are already struggling financially will be taxed to pay for it.

Theory application: Obama does not know how to back up his eloquent speeches with sensible actions that move this country forward. In order to ensure no one wants him to actually act on the promises he makes, Obama decides to pass a health care bill which is actually a very poor solution to a real problem in this country. P. O. S. health care bill is designed to send the country further into debt, jeopardize unborn children, and bring the country closer to socialism. American people who were opposed to the bill (half of the population) realize they no longer want Obama to come through on his promises or do any kind of action at all. Once the ramifications of the health care bill become evident, even those who had been in support of it are disappointed and realize this was not the answer they were looking for. These individuals also come to the conclusion they would prefer Obama accomplish nothing more. Obama no longer has to do anything but take vacations and ask the American people what kind of new dog he should buy. Mission accomplished.

Alternative theory: Obama is an idiot.


krustacianken said...

My only question is, why do you hate people in need of health care so much?

Bridget said...

Hahaha. Shut up.