Saturday, August 19, 2006

Dolphin Time!

I'm headed downtown today to see the Dolphins in the Shedd. Only Aimee truly understands what a huge event this is for me. Aimee and I were in Atlanta earlier this summer where they claim to have the largest aquarium in the world (, however they spew lies. I went there, I walked through the whole flippin thing in like an hour and a half. Excuse me, but no. Most distressing of all, they had absolutely no dolphins...not a one. What kind of aquarium has no dolphins? The lie spewing kind. So now I'm headed to Chicago's own trusty Shedd Aquarium ( where I most certainly will see an entire dolphin show because we don't mess around here in Chicago. Screw you Atlanta. I also get to hang out with Kaitlyn and Ryan all day so I'm sure I'll have some crazy things to report tomorrow.
P.S. If you are perusing the websites and see that Atlanta claims to have thousands of more animals it's because half that number encompasses the tiny little water insects and schools upon schools of little fish I can see when I go to the dentist office.
Not to deter you or anything.
And while I'm ranting...don't get the yogurt parfait in the cafeteria there, even if you haven't had breakfast yet...jigga ick.

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