Friday, August 04, 2006

What a great idea!

To whomever it may concern (aka those responsible for the GRE),
What a great idea! You're right, I have been mourning the loss of standardized tests since I graduated from high school. Thank you for bringing that back around to me. I would love to disregard the past four years of hard work and let my grad school acceptance rely partially on a test that I take on a Monday morning at the end of my summer. You guys really had your thinking caps on when you made it so "generalized" that it covers absolutely nothing I learned in college. Whether or not I obtained any information in all those science and health classes really isn't important as I go on into a physician's assistant graduate program. Instead, test me on vocab words like amalgamate and extemporaneous because someday they might come up in a conversation. In addition, thank you for putting my future patients' minds at ease. Now as I examine their knees for possible meniscus tears they can quiet that unfounded fear in the back of their minds, "What if this girl doesn't even know how many palindromes are between 100 and 1000, or can't even find the area of an irregular quadrilateral?" I can, and upon request I will. I also appreciate the fact that you decide not to draw your diagrams to scale on purpose so that any common sense that might be applied during your test is thrown out the window. I am oh so appreciative of all the mathematical formulas I've had to relearn over the past few weeks so I can put them to use one more time before the become totally useless to me (finding the area of the shaded in area outside the triangle, inside of the circle might not be a lifeskill I will need). Last but most certainly not least, I'm glad you are now taking the time to check and see if I can comprehend what I read. That's an important skill that apparently I could have gotten through my undergrad without. Enjoy your time at the top you GRE gurus. I hope torturing the future of this world is as special for you as committing you to a home when you're old and senile will be for me.


Ogre said...

You'll kick ass. I like this side of you. The Bridget that Bridget represses WAY TO WELL!!!! SO AWESOME!! I'll be calling soon. PIERCE

evilkeight said...

You forgot the mention that $130 I have to pay to sit in front of a computer for 4 hours, followed by all the fees to actually get the transcript sent somewhere. smiles!

evilkeight said...

PS--this is where you'll find me:

Lori Tschetter said...

Margaux showed me this entry, as I took the GRE a couple of months ago to get into grad school....I hope you don't mind if I send a link to this entry to a couple of my friends who are currently putting off taking the test, or like my one friend,trying to decide if it's worth the $130 to take it again because 1 school says they're looking for a score about 25-30 points higher.... If you think it's hard to prepare only 4 yrs out of high school, try waiting 20 years & take it again. Talk about irrelevant. I got a score 100 pts higher than what my program requires, and that's definitely the best they'll get out of me.The last time I saw those formulas was when I had to help my daughter learn them. Thanks for the giggle,

Lori Tschetter
(Margaux's mom)