Monday, October 23, 2006

And the pics...

It's picture time...confused? Read previous post.

Bleached and gelled:

The beginnings of the reverse mullet (or perhaps Cali Ryne):

Crazy hair in hiding:

The black afro:

The renunciation of hair product (brief period)

And of course, the "I'm a tool" pic (just kidding...but seriously what is that cheesy smile)

And then there was this phase...

Ryne, on a scale from 1-10, how much do you hate me right now?

Clinician's report: This outburst is what is commonly known as delayed onset bitterness. This response can be avoided by not being a crappy wedding date. If a girl invites you to a wedding and hooks you up with a free meal and piece of cake, you had better dance with her and not disappear with some drunk chick for the entire reception.


Laura said...

Bridget, on a scale of 1-10 how much do I love you?!


Kenric said...

im pretty sure i will never know how truly, ahem, unique you are.

Kenric said...

and by unique, i mean weird, duh.

Ogre said...

Oh MY GOSH BRIDGET!! That was SOOO EVIL!!! LOL!!! And to think, the poor Ryne kid is still being terrorized hundreds of miles away.

Don't worry, I won't deviate from the club again with the hair thing. lol

Bye whore

~Slut Bucket

megan said...

a) those are some great pictures! i seriously can't get over how funny this all is. b) there is another slutbucket in the world?! I thought Laura was the only one haha!

laura said...

i am not a slutbucket you whore!!

slskenyon said...

Two words for these two posts: Fucking brilliant.