Friday, October 20, 2006


Hold on to your oranges people! Put the OJ in the freezer! Vitamin C has reached a state of emergency. This is no joking matter. Earlier this week I saw a fellow classmate of mine take a shot of EmergenC, which is basically a little pouch of goop chalked full of Vitamin C. Apparently the idea of sitting through the last 30 minutes of International Health Care was enough to send her into a state of hypovitamin shock.

With a raised eyebrow I questioned the substance she had just ingested to which she replied, "It's Emergen-C, you know like emergency vitamin C."

No Alex I don't know. Emergency Chocolate Swirl Snack Pack...yes. Emergency Vitamin

Perhaps it was our discussion on the starving children of third world countries and their distended bellies which caused this psychotic need for a hit of vitamin C during class. Then I had a theory that Alex knows something that the rest of us don't. Maybe she knows that the South will be hit with an onslaught of terrible storms that will wipe out the orange fields and leave us with nothing. Best to stock up now and shock our systems with Vitamin C as often as possible. Or maybe she knows of a plague of diseases that will attack the UP and she is the only one who shall survive because of her deligent use of vitamin supplements. Darn it, I wish I had such foresight.

Why else would such a thing be necessary?

Ideas? Anyone?


Angela said...

Ha! Do these things actaully exist? Where do you buy these things? What ever happened to eating an orange? I don't get it! I do see the need for emergency food items like chocolate and caffeine. With out these yea, you would all be dead because I would have you killed everyone. Because lets face it when you NEED chocolate someone better be giving me some!

Bridget said...

Were you drunk when you posted that message? "I would have you killed everyone"? Haha.

evilkeight said...

So, I ah, work at a healthfood store and could actually go into great detail about them. THey are really popular. But I'll spare you being that I think it'll ruin the purpose of your entry.

Tom your Most Favorite Brother-In-Law to Be said...

From what I just heard from Mom, you too Bridget, may actually need to break down and start shooting up with Emergen-C.